Decide what state you want to create an anchor for. For example, perhaps you would like to anchor a good state for meeting and negotiating. Whatever it is, chose one … Move into third position, as if you are watching your life in a movie. Recall all the times that you felt some aspect of that state.

Every time you feel some aspect of the desired state, amplify it and expand it. See yourself in the movie experiencing that state, and let yourself as the observer feel it as well. (That’s a little different from the usual third position experience.) Keep doing that until you feel  the state intensely …

Each time you think of a time in which you felt some aspect of that state, see what is most visually positive and compelling. Emphasize those visual elements in the movie. Hear what is most audibly positive  and compelling … Hear any words that others said or that you could say that are most mentally positive and compelling … Feel what is most palpably positive and compelling … Feel whatever internal sensations are most positive and compelling, like feeling very up or expansive … See yourself now, standing in a nice place.fully feeling that state, and see how you look in that state–your facial expression, your posture, you can even add cosmic energy of just the right color streaming into your aura.

Now create a sign with your hand such as an OK sign, one that you would not do very often, or interlace your fingers in the opposite way from normal, and hold that position while you imagine moving into first position (directly in the feelings) with your eyes closed (so there are no distractions from  the feeling), and savor the state