There are many meta programs, but the following are a few of the most important. Each is a binary choice – that is, attention is focused on one or the other. Meta Programs are neither good nor bad outside some specific context. They are not a form of personality typing. In general, a person benefits from having increased access to, and choice about both sides of the following pairs.

  • Toward vs. Away-From:  Attention is directed either toward what is wanted or away from what is not wanted.
  • Internal Reference vs. External Reference:  Attention is directed to internal processes or external processes (including people, objects, etc.).
  • Big Chunk vs. Little Chunk:  Attention is directed to the big picture or small details.
  • Options vs. Procedures:  Attention is directed to selecting from options or following procedures.
  • Match vs. Mismatch:  Attention is focused on what is the same or what is different.