The steps of the Six-Step Reframe technique are:

1. Identify the behavior, response or signal you want to change
2. Communicate with the part responsible for the behavior

Literally talk to the part. Respectfully ask “Will the part responsible for X communicate with me consciously now?” Then carefully notice the signals or response you get. It may be words, sounds, images or feelings.

3. Determine the positive intention of the behavior

Thank the part for communicating with you and ask it “Please tell me what your positive intention is. What are you trying to do for me?” Notice the response you get. What intuitions or messages does the unconscious part respond with?

4. Ask the part to work with the whole of your unconscious mind, including your creative parts, to generate new and more generative ways of accomplishing the outcome

Ask the part to communicate internally with the other parts of your mind to find new behaviors and ways of achieving the positive purpose. If the part has been signalling to you that the way you are living is doing you harm, then your unconscious mind can generate new patterns of behavior that are more healing and healthful. Your conscious mind can respect this process and support the new behaviors.

5.    Ask the part if it will agree to use the new behaviors and choices rather than the old behavior to achieve its outcome

If you don’t get a yes signal from the part, then return to step 4 until all parts of you have worked together to find behaviors and choices that work and that the part in question will support.

6. Do an ecology check of all parts of your mind

Ask “Does any other part object to my new choices?” If you get a response that indicates there is an issue of ecology or potential negative consequences then return to step 3 and ask what positive intentions this new part is attempting to communicate about and work with it and the original part to generate behaviors and choices that work for the whole of you.