Mind Reading occurs when someone assumes they know what another person is thinking or feeling without direct evidence.  Mind Reading can be recognized when someone claims to know something without obvious evidence, claims to know how another person feels, or claims to understand another person’s internal state without explanation. It is the assumptions that are made about another persons thoughts or opinions, without the other person specifying it.

Mind Reading is also one of the most widely used of the 19 Hypnotic Language Patterns that form the Milton Model.

The Milton Model designs the suggestion as if knowing what the client is thinking or feeling, when the reality is that the therapist has no way of knowing what the client is thinking.

Examples include

Part of your mind is wondering how fast you are going into trance right now…
‘You are becoming more curious about how that change is occurring’
Your mind is now becoming more open to the idea of change…‘.

You can identify a mind reading statement by asking ‘How can you know that?‘.