“You know it is funny you mention Florida. I took my entire family down their last year and we absolutely had a blast. Did you ever notice that sometimes with a
new experience, you really feel compelled to get the most out of it that you possibly can? Well, we drove down in our van and it was really fun. I had that
feeling like, This is absolutely the best thing you can do right now.

I would encourage you to experience the benefits of this as well. You will find that you grow more interested in what is going on by the minute. With all the
new things to see and take in, it is quite euphoric. Each state has a new look to it and as you get closer to your goal, you realize that this entire process has caused you to get more and more excited about the final destination.

When you get started with this, you first feel like it might be the wrong decision, but as you investigate it further, you realize that this is absolutely the right thing.

Do you believe we made it to Orlando in under 24 hours? When you get things done before you expected, you really get a sense of accomplishment. It is just
a matter of being able to get involved now in what is right in front of you.”

I could go on and on, but you get the picture. Notice all the subliminal references to what I may be looking to suggest to this person. I have kept it as generic as
possible, but you can detail it out depending on how you are trying to influence.

This story is easy to follow and is in a very conversational tone. The next one is designed specifically to alter the state and consciousness of the person by telling a story that is so hard to follow that they have to go into a trance just to try and keep up with the story.