Words that sound alike but have different meanings create another way that causes the person to have to process what you are actually saying either consciously or unconsciously. Such words include:

• Right/ Write/ Rite
• I / Eye
• Insecurity / In Security
• Red / Read
• There/ Their / They’re
• Weight/ Wait
• Knows/ Nose
• Here/ Hear
• Buy/ By
• Your Mind/ Your Mine

The following words similarly have two meanings, although they both sound alike and are spelled alike: left, duck, down, light. Other examples are: push, pull,
point, touch, rest, nod, move, talk, hand, and feel. Words that have more than one meaning can be marked out and combined with other words to form a separate message.

For example:

“/ don’t know how close you are to understanding now the meaning of trance.”
The message marked out can be heard as “eye close now”