This pattern involves making any statement you want to make to another person as if you are reporting in quotes what someone else said at another time and  place.

“As you begin to see the value of this proposition, you will come to the same conclusion that a customer came to the other day, and that was to accept this
offer and get started immediately”.

Quotes can be used to deliver any message without taking responsibility for the message. Since you are apparently talking about what someone else said at
another time, your listener will often respond to the message, but not consciously identify what he is responding to, or who is responsible for the message.

“I was speaking with a client of mine the other day and he said that he really hates it when someone says that they will investigate a potentially powerful
opportunity and then at the last minute they back off. I couldn’t agree with him more. Why don’t we spend the next 15 minutes talking about how this  opportunity can benefit you and your family, shall we?”

“ My friend Mary told me the other day how she really likes it when a man takes control of the situation and allows her to get to know this person in a way that causes her to get totally excited about the the possibilities of being with this person.”