Utilize  feelings  to  generate  constructive  motivation  and  drive with the Kinesthetic Swish Pattern.  Ultimately, feelings are the force behind  success and failure. We move away from negative feelings and toward good feelings.

This pattern builds a mind-body strategy for overcoming negativity in the face of challenges that have been daunting until now.

Step #1. Associate  them into the feeling.

Have the person think of the situation or thoughts that produce a negative state. Ask them to specify the details of the feeling, especially sub-modalities such as movement and temperature, and the location of the feeling.

Break state.

Step #2. Have them associate into and amplify a positive  state

Have them specify how they would like to feel.

Step #3. Define the sub-modalities  and amplify the feeling.

Have them associate into this feeling, amplifying it through the most effective sub-modalities.

Break state.

Step #4. Map across to modify the negative feeling.

Have them recall the negative feeling and it’s location. Have them move it into the positive feeling’s location and get it to conform to the sub-modalities of the other feeling. Note: unlike the visual Swish, the kinesthetic Swish tends to be slower, so give the pattern time.

Step #5. Test.

In the coming days and weeks, see if your person relates to the situation or thoughts differently, getting improved results in life.


Credits for the creation of this NLP pattern belong to Robert Dee McDonald.