Metaphors are used extensively in storytelling, song lyrics and poetry. They can also be used effectively in business communication to illustrate complex points. Speaking in metaphorical terms is a very powerful way of getting your message across, both in hypnosis and in everyday communication.

Metaphorical communication causes the listener to relate to the subject of the metaphor, ascribing it’s situation to themselves in order to understand.

Selectional Restriction Violations.
Simply attributing qualities to something or someone that, by definition, could not hold those qualities.

Example: “Your wallet is happier when it’s full.”
Example: “I’ve been working like a dog.”
Example: “Your eyes sparkle when you are happy.” (Eyes don’t literally sparkle; they may be brighter if you are happy – this is a metaphor.)

Quoting others can deliver any message without the communicator taking responsibility for the content of that message. This can lend credibility to the statement, or cause the listener to respond to it regardless of their opinion of the communicator.

Example: “Scientists have demonstrated that hypnosis is incredibly powerful.”
Example: “My friend who runs a small company is always stressing how important it is to keep their computer systems up to date.”
Example: “Everybody knows that it’s best not to exercise on a full stomach.”

Extended Quotation:
Nested quotations can be very hypnotic.