These are Milton Model questions that encourage a client to confirm the truth of the words immediately preceding, aren’t they? If you read that question again, its almost impossible not to say ‘Yes’, isn’t it? It’s always good to get the client into a positive frame of mind, I’m sure you would agree? If the tag question is delivered with a descending tone of voice, it reinforces the statement and discourages dissension.

Relaxing can be very enjoyable, isn’t it?’.
‘Some people really enjoy relaxing, don’t you?
You might wonder what you will enjoy most, won’t you? ‘.

Tag questions are self evident, don’t you think?

According to Milton H. Erickson, “Tag Questions displace resistance to the end of a sentence,” don’t they? In addition, they set up a place to create agreement, as well as to reinforce agreement in a pacing situation. It’s a fairly effective concept to utilize, isn’t it?

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