So in the law of the reverse effect, you’ve hijacked someone’s ability to resist your suggestions. However, this does create a few difficulties for the subject, one being self-esteem. You’re unconsciously telling the subject:

I’m the powerful hypnotist, you’re the weak subject.

It creates a poor psychological frame and people need to feel that they have control of their lives. So this is where you can implement a technique called redirect resistance, where you use the subject’s resistance in a way to build their self-esteem so that you can sneak your suggestions through the back door.

For example, let’s say that you’re selling a car to someone, and based on your interactions with the person, you sense that they feel they have to reject something in order to be in control of the situation.

You can then activate the redirect resistance technique to sell them the car and insurance to go with it. They’re going to find reasons to reject the insurance but will end up signing the contract for the car.

So what you’re doing is you’re finding things for people to consciously resist you over, while you’re sneaking your actual suggestion through. There are literally hundreds of ways you can apply this principle. x

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