Intensity of the state accessed

• Access state fully and intensely.
• Associate into the state.
• Seeing what you are seeing.
• Hearing what you are hearing.
• Feeling what you are feeling.

Purity of the state

• One specific set of feelings or emotional state.

Timing of the Trigger

• Start the trigger just before you reach the peak of the experience.
• Pair the trigger with the response as it peaks. “Hold” it for about 5-10 seconds.

Use a Separator State

• Once the response peaks, distract yourself to a neutral state.
• The neutral state isolates the pairing between the peak experience and he trigger from other random experiences and associations.
• This keeps the association unique.

Use a Unique Trigger

• A distinct visual, auditory or kinesthetic trigger. Accurate Duplication of the Trigger
• The best response will occur when you reproduce the trigger exactly as you set it up
• Match the visual, auditory and kinesthetic parts of the trigger exactly.