“Did I ever tell you about my brother, Chris? It seems he was at this golf outing, and he was at the bar called the 19th hole. And the bartender was telling a story about his buddy who had two brothers. One was really good at dealing with people, but the other had problems until he met this guy named Tom. Tom was one of these guys that ran in a tight circle of people, he really knew what he was going to do. And what he wanted to do is drive a cigarette boat. He wanted to do this now. Did you ever notice that when you use the power of “your mine” (mind), you can really accomplish something? Well, this guy was that type of person. Like me your probably wondering where this is all leading, and all I can tell you is that he finally did get to ride that boat and he did experience the truly wonderful feeling of this (pointing to yourself). Have you ever had an experience like that where you are going so fast that you get excited and at the same time the experience is so exhilarating that you know that you must grab this opportunity that is right in front of you?

Of course the story can go on and on and it does cause the person to go into trance because of all of the places where things are not completed, yet the story
moves into a new direction. How does this fit in? Well of course, you have to plan the story out in advance so that it spells out exactly what you want. You set it up
like this.

• What do you want to suggest
• Points to get across
• How confusing do you want to make the story
• Tie the story up so that the ending makes logical sense