Fortunately, Naturally, Luckily, Innocently, Happily, Necessarily, etc. “Fortunately, there’s no need for me to know the details of what you want in order for me to help you get it.”

“Naturally, you will begin to see the value of what I am saying to you right now”!

“Luckily, you have met me today, because I can help you with that situation”

This presupposes everything after the first word.

Stacking many kinds of presuppositions in the same sentence makes them particularly powerful. The more that is presupposed, the more difficult it is for the listener to unravel the sentence and question any one presupposition.

Some of the presupposition sentences listed above contain several kinds of presuppositions, and those sentences will be more powerful. The following
sentence is an example of the use of many presuppositions stacked together.

“Naturally, as you start to realize the unlimited ways you can easily become aware of how using my advice will help you to truly accomplish your goals more
rapidly and effectively as it relates to your projects, you’ll start imagining the success you can actually achieve with my help and guidance”

“And I don’t know how soon you’ll realize the benefits of this program, because it’s not important that you know before you’ve comfortably continued the
process of learning these powerful concepts.”