Embedded Suggestions (or Embedded Commands) are commands or directives buried within a larger sentence. They can be embedded within ordinary conversation. The embedded suggestions are usually marked with a change in tonality or tempo (analogical marking). Such as by speaking louder or looking directly at the client while using a particular tone of voice. They allow the speaker to make subtle suggestions or requests in a way that the listener can unconsciously respond to without consciously knowing he or she has been asked.

“I don’t know how soon you’ll feel better.”

You can learn these patterns easily.”

“I can see that you are comfortable lying there, relaxing in that chair, quietly confident, looking so comfortable as if you are ready to just let things go and relax while I talk about this and that and you know, you don’t have to think, you don’t have to listen to me or do anything really except relax and allow you mind to drift away like a small child snuggling comfortably down in a warm quiet place, slowing down, more at ease and more relaxed…”